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Calvin Williams is passionate about presenting ideas and conveying a vision. She enjoys designing and employing creative visuals to complement strong presentations. She is continuously driven to educate and provide obtainable, accessible information to an audience.
Oldest Business in Every Country

Oldest Business in Every Country (InfoGraphic)

we explore the oldest business in almost every country around the world and the centuries they began operation in. While not every country had information available.
Healthier Pantries

Americans Want Healthier Pantries (InfoGraphic)

They know healthy pantries lead to healthier lives, and keeping better-for-you products on hand can help. Data shows people who stock healthy pantry products have higher Healthy Eating Index (HEI) scores and consume less...
Frightening Cybersecurity Statistics

15 Frightening Cybersecurity Statistics (InfoGraphic)

These alarming stats expose the terrifying reality of cyber attacks and cybersecurity weaknesses. You may see cybercriminals as the bogeyman, but don't be fooled - this nightmare is very real!
Holiday Drinking violations

Drinking & DUIs During the Holidays

The related Drinking & DUIs During the Holidays infographic provides a visual way to share the message. Help #ChangetheTrend this holiday season by sharing the infographic.
Rexroth Precision Modules

Precision Modules PSK Gen 2

Rexroth Precision Modules are precise, ready-to-install linear motion systems that combine high performance with compact dimensions. Rexroth offers favorable price/performance ratios and fast delivery.
AstraZeneca vaccine Safety

War Of Words Over Vaccine Safety

Germany's vaccine regulator has recommended using the AstraZeneca vaccine only for people aged over 60, following reports of 31 suspected cases of blood clots in the brain after vaccination.
7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom

Admit it – the bathroom is where you conveniently store some of your essential items. However, it’s not always the best storage. Baths differ in terms of the wall color, bathtub size, bash mats,...
Natural Disasters in the USA History

7 Deadliest Natural Disasters in the USA History

Use of steel in construction applications worldwide is widespread, with steel buildings used for commercial as well as residential purposes. Unfortunately, many people are still not convinced about the suitability of steel structures due...
Cosmetic Treatments

5 Cosmetic Treatments to Help you Age Beautifully

When you are in your youthful best, you certainly have the most flattering looks. If you wish to keep those flawless features even in your not-so youthful age, you can do so, with the...
Significant Technologies Trending

6 Significant Technologies Trending in the Accounting Industry in 2020

With advancement in technology, small businesses to major establishments are heavily relying on latest softwares and tools to manage their accounting work efficiently. The use of specific tools help in making the accounting tasks...

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