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Calvin Williams is passionate about presenting ideas and conveying a vision. She enjoys designing and employing creative visuals to complement strong presentations. She is continuously driven to educate and provide obtainable, accessible information to an audience.
benefits of blogging

The Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Search engines love fresh content, and blogging is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive methods for a business to keep their website relevant, engaging and active. When a business creates blog posts on a...
Benefits of Swaddling your Baby

The Benefits of Swaddling your Baby

lay the swaddle in a diamond shape and fold the top corner down to from a triangle. Ensure that your baby's shoulders are stillbelow the fold. Ensure their arm is securely under the fabric. Tuck...
Risks of Roof Repair

Risks of DIY Roof Repair

Here's a look at some of the risk of having to tackle roof repair projects all by yourself. Source: Roof Repairs
Bathroom Essential Items

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep In Your Bathroom

Admit it - the bathroom is where you conveniently store some of your essential items. However, it's not always the best storage. Source: Bathroom Remodeling Services
Your Business Ready for COVID-19?

Your Business Ready for COVID-19?

When COVID-19 hit the United States, it affected different businesses in different ways. Some jobs require a physical presence while others can be done anywhere there is a phone and an internet connection. Source: Landau...
Online Gaming

Online Gaming – The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Games are an integral part of human culture - but from ancient board games to virtual reality, how we play has changed with the times.
types of car insurances and tips

Find Types of Car Insurances And Tips

Buying a car alone is already riddled with many complications since there are many models out there, and there's the case of whether one should purchase either a brand-new one or a second-hand one....
What is Water Security

What is Water Security?

Water is central to achieving a larger sense of security, development and human well-being. UN-water supports the inclusion of water security in the post-2015 development agenda as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Credit: www.unwater.org...
Remote work Economy

How to find work in the Remote Economy

Remote work has been increasing in popularity for years now, but the COVID-19 crisis has definitely put the trend into high-gear. Infographic source: Nine2Five
Best Ways of saving money on freight shipping

Tips For Saving Money on Freight Shipping

For any business owner trying to sell their products overseas, saving money on shipping costs can be a breather. While it may seem like going for cheaper shipping services isn't a good idea, there...

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